10 Awesome Tips: How to Pick Up Beautiful Women at the Gym

by Bitley Shawn
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I am now going to share with you the fruits of my labour in these “10 tips for picking up beautiful women at your gym“. If you follow these tips precisely then you too will learn how to seduce gym hotties with a skill and class that will leave your gym peers envious.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 1: Don’t Do Womens Classes

Every time I go to the Gym I always see these pathetic guys participating in the aerobics classes predominantly designed for women. They will go in there smiling and nodding their heads and then when the stretching begins they are covertly checking out all the girls, thinking they’re getting away with it.

Most women aren’t stupid if they see a straight guy doing “Jazzercise” they are going to think that he is either an emasculated closet homosexual or they will think that he is just there to creep on the girls, either way it is not good for your image.

Stick to the gender appropriate exercises and classes, and retain your masculinity and pride; at most gym’s you will see these girls on the gym floor at some point anyway so you don’t need to join a class just for the opportunity to talk to them and besides, leotards just look really wrong on men.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 2: Be Sociable With Everyone

It’s essential for your success in picking up at the gym that you don’t look like you are only there to creep on girls; that’s why when we go to the gym we make sure that we are friendly and sociable with everyone that we interact with and not just the beautiful women.

The best place to start is with the staff, get to know them on a name to name basis and try and have the occasional conversation with them, this will be very beneficial to your image as a trusted member of the club, it will make you look like a regular even if it’s just your first visit.

From there, make small talk with people who you see there frequently or who just happen to cross your path at a weights station or at the drinking fountain, if you see a guy who is really huge and obviously a regular, then go up to him and compliment him and ask him if he has any tips for you? It helps to be friendly with that guy because on a primitive level he is actually like the Alpha male of the gym and association with him can be beneficial to your perceived social status.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 3: Approach Sooner Rather Than Later.

This is a pretty common mistake that guys make, they will see a girl they are interested in and spend the next few weeks trying to catch her eye whilst they muster up the courage to approach her and make their move.

The problem with that is, if you have already been making eyes with her and havent approached earlier then chances are you have become the creepy staring guy and you have shown her that you weren’t confident enough to approach her from the beginning so you are probably not a very confident person in real life.

The best thing to do is to approach her the first opportunity that you get because the longer you leave it, the harder and more awkward it will get. If you are in her vicinity and you make eye contact then say hello and make small talk, don’t shy away from her because if you do then she will probably dismiss you as a sexual prospect then and there.

Gym Pick-Up Tip 4: Recognise The Signs

No matter how good your game is there will always be some girls who go to the gym and just don’t want to be bothered at all, these women are typically very difficult to approach effectively and in most cases it’s probably not worth bothering.

So here are five signs we can look for to tell if a hot girl is open to being approached.

1. She is being sociable with others.

If her head is down, her earplugs are in and she looks like she is going out of her way to avoid interacting with people, then she is not your best bet. Look for girls who are talkative with others, they are a lot more open to meeting new people.

2. She is looking around herself.

If you see a girl staring straight ahead trying very hard to avoid making eye contact with anyone, she obviously takes her workout very seriously and does not want to be bothered. Look for girls who are constantly looking around at others, they are curious about the other people there and hoping to make new friends.

3. She is procrastinating.

Some girls will just wait around equipment or by the water fountain in between their exercises, these girls are obviously a bit bored and they will generally be really responsive if you approach them.

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