Category 5 Workout Intensity (Activating The Force Fueling EXTREME Training Effort)

by Bitley Shawn
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Your heart and breathing rate have likely elevated somewhat just by reading what I’ve described so far. Why? Because you’re emotionally identifying with an inner workout performance state I call Category 5 Intensity. It’s a degree of inner force and power so compelling and feverishly conquest driven, it blasts you into sustained muscular exertion levels which compel literal mega-size and physical strength increases!

An Ultra-Success Producing Workout Force

The U.S. meteorological service categorizes hurricanes based upon their volume, power, and the wind speed their force generates and sustains. Category 5 monsters literally carry torrential rains, overpoweing wind speeds in excess of 150 mph, and an energy forcefulness, indeed, fierceness, that cannot be stopped, denied, or impeded by any manmade thing. It will tear through any environment it reigns upon, and will unleash its vehement fury in a comprehensive, terrain altering assault (seemingly a merciless assault from Hell). Literally, it will wreak its uncontestable havoc — uprooting, overwhelming, and forcefully conquering every thing in its path.

It can, and will, generate its relentless torrent as it continues along its earth scarring procession. Nothing remains unaffected by its wrath; everything impacted by its brutal fierceness remains changed…literally forever!

Woah! Just take a moment to catch your breath and think – really think:

How would your workout performance and muscular exertion/contraction levels change if you began generating intensity at the Category 5 level? What kind and degree of energy would you generate and sustain? What kind of muscular exertion levels would you induce and sustain? What kind of total, worked, maximum contractions would you incite – through the positive and negative aspects of each rep? What kind of mental toughness – and attitude forcefulness – would you mobilize and continue fueled by? Indeed…what degrees of physical increase, progress, and muscular growth do you sense you’d decisively stimulate?

I’ll bet your heart rate, body temperature, and breathing rate just elevated somewhat again, as you just considered the impact you’d produce through generating Category 5 intensity. Imagine now what would happen when you actually start generating this workout voltage!

Step #1: Mentally/Physically Relaxing To Gain Subconscious Access

(perform this Step #1 in your home only!)

In an area where you’re sure you won’t be disturbed, lie comfortably upon your back on either your bed, the floor, or stretched out completely in an E-Z chair. Let your arms rest at your sides, palms facing downward, fingers loosely apart.

Next, remaining as still as possible, let your eyelids gently close, and take 3 l-o-n-g d-e-e-p breaths, inhaling through your nostrils, and easily exhaling through your mouth. And with each exhalation, mentally repeat the word “R-e-l-e-a-s-e”.

Next, envision yourself slowly descending a staircase of 7 total steps. And as you descend each step, mentally repeat the word “D-o-w-n” to yourself, allowing every muscle and fiber within you to just easily let loose, and progressively relax with each successive step you descend.
When you’ve easily reached the bottom step #1, and feel the sensation of deep and soothing comfort, shift your awareness to perform Step #2:

Step #2: Accessing A Magnitude Intensity Workout Memory

(perform this Step #2 in your home only!)

Now, as you’re mentally/physically relaxed, recall a workout where you know your performance (and effort) could only be labeled as “sustained conquest drive – as Mega exertion impact.
This will be easy for you as you recall the very last time you embodied feverish, driving power, and truly compelling fierceness and intensity during a workout:

o Perhaps it was during an arm workout where you were blasting your biceps on barbell preacher curls – to extreme pump and exertion degrees. You didn’t just do 10 reps, you did 12. And it felt like your skin would pop. But you maintained the mental fury – the fierce, unwavering mental toughness – which over-rode any attempt of your body to stop you!

o Perhaps it was a leg workout where you cinched your belt one notch tighter than you normally do. And hung more weight on the bar than you usually would. And blasted out set after set of squats that left your legs feeling like max-engorged tree trunks; your lungs felt like bellows from hell, but because you sustained such fierceness of effort, it was a literal chore for you to walk out the gym to your car after your workout was done!

You know what this magnitude intensity workout was for you.

Just allow your awareness to search your memory, and you will come to identify a target workout such as this from your past. At once you’ve mentally isolated this specific workout from your memory core:

o Imaginatively make the picture of this scenario brighter, more vivid and more distinct.

o Then, experiencing it as if it’s playing out upon a large, white movie screen, imaginatively bring it closer, and closer toward you.

o And as you imaginatively bring it closer toward you, make it even brighter, more detailed, and more 3-dimensionally vivid.

o And then, imaginatively bring it even closer toward you — so close, it’s as if it’s right in front of your face — as if you can reach out and touch it — as if this is your very reality then and there!

At this moment you should inwardly see, feel, sense and experience all related factors comprising this scenario – as if it were your very life in the current moment.

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