Home Gym Equipment – Effective Or Not?

by Bitley Shawn
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The best way to test the effectiveness of a multi-gym is by comparing its performance with the performance of the equipment that can be found on a real gym. A home gym is supposed to give you the same, if not better, result as a regular gym. Your home gym can be considered effective if it is able to do so. You may want to ask yourself the following questions to test if your home gym is effective.

Can I weight train alone in my home gym?

If it is impossible to weight train without a spotter, your home gym does not serve its purpose well – train in privacy. Maybe you need to add some pieces of equipment, like a power rack, that would enable you to lift heavy weights even without a spotter. Or, you might consider going back to the gym as well.

Am I achieving the kind of body I want with my home gym?

If you used to workout at a local gym, you might be able to compare how you look then and now. Are you gaining muscle mass? Where did you gain more muscle mass fast – at the local gym or in your home gym? If you think that you gain more, or at least the same, amount of muscle within the same length of time, then your home gym is quite effective. If you are a beginner, you can also compare your muscle mass before you started training in your home gym and after weeks of training there. It is always good to get your body measurements so you can track or monitor your growth.

Am I gaining strength in my home gym?

If build a home gym that is focused on gaining strength, you may simply ask yourself how you’re feeling then and now. Do you feel stronger several days or weeks of training in your home gym? If so, then you did make a good planning on your home gym.

Is it safe working out at my home gym?

Did I ever get injured while training at home in spite of observing precautionary measures? If so, you better check the safety and durability of the pieces of equipment in your home gym. However, if you continuously get injured in your home gym, it would be best to consider doing some re-planning and re-construction.

Am I able to follow my training program without the help of a fitness instructor? If so, then a home gym is really the best for you. But if you keep on saying to yourself, “I will do it tomorrow” just because there is no fitness instructor who will monitor your performance, then a home a gym is not for you. You might consider going back to the gym.

The amount of money that you spent on your home gym can also be used to gauge its effectiveness. Note that one purpose of a home gym is to save money and not overspend on some expensive piece of equipment. However, if you are not much after the money, you may want to eliminate this in your criteria as sometimes the benefits of an expensive piece of equipment are just great.

In general, the effectiveness of a home gym depends on careful planning and determination. The result can be dramatic for some while not for others. In both cases, a home gym is supposed to give the same result as the real local gym. Remember that there are several factors that must be considered when setting up a home gym. Once you have taken into consideration all these factors, there should be no way that your home gym would not be effective – well, except when you are not determined enough on achieving your dream body.

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