The Truth About Gym Memberships and How to Make the Gym Workout for You

by Bitley Shawn
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The truth about gym memberships:

According to TGI statistics, there are at least 4.5 million UK adult gym members and a third of them are under 25; also those aged over 65 have risen by at least 70% since 2000. Interestingly, only 27% of gym members go to the gym regularly. As a matter of fact, a BMBR study revealed that 67% of gym members in England don’t use it at all.

An investigation conducted at the University of California found out that most of us don’t use our gym memberships because we start out over-confident. We think we’ll attend the gym more often than not and then congratulate ourselves when we buy an expensive gym membership that financially rewards regular attendees. If this research is anywhere near accurate, then it certainly doesn’t say much for our sense judgement.

In essence, the reason why we have so much trouble visiting our gym is not due to the rising cost of membership or rising unemployment, but more to do with a loss of confidence, unmet expectations and perhaps over familiarity.

How to make the gym workout for you

Maintaining good health and a great shape requires healthy eating and exercise. But how exactly can we make the most of the gym, without losing confidence and handing over our hard-earned money recklessly to gym owners. Here are a few fun tips to help make the gym work out for you:

(1) Under commit- when signing up don’t make any assumptions that you’ll be at the gym 3-4 days a week. This is simply not true for at least 90% of the population. Commit yourself to something you feel is way too easy; let’s say 1-2 days a fortnight. You will probably attend more often (over deliver) and this will boost your confidence levels

(2) Pick your gym wisely- most great gyms have a feel good factor about them. They have a vibrant ambience, great customer service, personal trainers or coaches on hand to assist and help hold you to account. They also offer a variety of equipment and activities to keep members interested, committed, challenged and entertained.

(3) Make friends- if you don’t have friends to accompany you to the gym, you better make some new friends at the gym. Sometimes the gym workout might not excite you, but the thought of catching up with a friend or potential other (who’s usually at the gym on certain days) certainly will. The gym can be the perfect excuse to hangout and have fun with mates.

(4) Get affordable price plans – it may sound impressive to your work colleagues that you are a member of an exclusive gym, but you’ve still got to remember it’s you paying for this membership- not your impressed colleagues. If you choose an affordable price plan, you won’t have to shy away after the first 3 months.

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