Top Reasons to Have Your Own Home Gym

by Bitley Shawn
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Home gyms today

Home gyms have been around for many years as people try to shape and sculpt their bodies to improve their appearance or feel better about themselves. As long as something can create measurable resistance in a directional movement then anything can become a home gym. It is only in recent years has the gym developed in terms of technologies and design.

These latest technologies were at first only found in commercial gyms and local health clubs but as the prices have come down even someone on a modest income can afford a full featured home gym. They range in price from $300 and upwards of $3,500 however we would recommend no lower than $600 for a gym that will last for many years and still have enough features you need to get a good full body workout.

Health benefits

The health benefits of cardiovascular exercise is well known. We all know that 30 minutes per day on a treadmill or elliptical trainer is a massive boost to health and fitness. However what many don’t know is that resistance training should be an integral part of the workout routine. Let alone it being a worth while exercise in itself many of the injury’s that can occur on cardio equipment could have been prevented if some resistance training where also added.

For men strength training has the obvious benefits of a sculpted muscle ripped body. But for women strength training can also be beneficial, a lack of testosterone mean big muscles don’t happen. Instead the metabolism is increased, you begin burning calories at a higher rate even when you’re not workout out. This happens more so after strength training that cardio work. Also putting muscle in the chest are will help lift the breasts. Creating muscle in the buttocks and thighs will help lift a sagging bottom. For everyone strength training helps toughen joints and ligaments and these benefits can last for years even after training has stopped.

Cost and time savings

The cost saving from not having to travel to the local gym and paying the gym fees every month is enormous. You spend around $200 per month on gyms fees plus the traveling there and the cost of that. The you buy a home gym for $800 with a 10 year warranty! You brake even after 4 months and from then on you’ve saved $200 every month and yet there’s still 9 plus years left on the warranty. Buying a home gym is really a worthwhile cost investment for someone serious about their health and wellbeing.

The time saving from owning a home gym is equally as big if not more so than cost. The time spent traveling to the gym when you could just go to another room in the house. The time spent waiting for a weight machine to become available but in the home it always is (unless other members of the family are using it!). The conversations you get drawn into in the local gym all take time out of your day. owning your own home gym you face none of these situations and you save money as well.


Overall owning your own home gym is a must so check out this site where we have brought you the best gyms at the lowest prices. We looked at the best gyms on the market today and found the stores which sell them at their cheapest. We present them here for you where we list the gym and the price for each store so you can choose which one to accept. In essence this is a home gym price comparison site so check out the reviews on each gym also found here with the prices and make the decision to start changing your life for the better today.

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