What Are The Most Popular Home Gyms

by Bitley Shawn
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Once you have decided to purchase a home gym, you may begin taking a closer look at some well-known home gyms that are out there on the market. Taking a closer look at well-known home gyms is a great idea before you settle on the one that will work for you and your needs. This requires looking at both some pros and cons of each kind. Which includes weighing these against each other and in the end coming out with a product that may really work for you and your physical fitness needs and goals.

One of the first ones we will look at is the Weider Home Gyms Review

The Weider Crossbar, which previously has been known as the Crossbow. This one uses bows that are sturdy yet flexible for resistance type training. It can offer resistance from five pounds to two hundred and forty pounds. There is also one upgrade that is available, that can raise the resistance to four hundred and forty pounds. This home gym is usually around five hundred dollars to purchase. From this brief description you will be able to tell that the product is relatively cheap and can be used for a lot of different types of exercises.

Another one of the well-known home gyms that are available is the Gold’s Gym Home Gym, which is known as the Power Flex. This particular one is known as a universal gym. This one also uses flexible bows that give great resistance type of training. Usually the most resistance is two hundred and ten pounds, but an upgrade is available here also. This can make it up to four hundred and ten pounds of resistance. Usually these Power Flexes cost between five hundred and nine hundred dollars. Some great benefits to this brand are a rowing station that does up to sixty-five unique exercises and the ability for it to fold up in to a two-foot by three-foot space.

Yet another brand available is the Tuff Stuff Home Gym brand that makes the CFM-555. This is once again a gym that is universal that includes one weight stack. This one usually costs around twelve hundred dollars. One great benefit to this brand is that the range of motion device on it is very easy to use. Another advantage is the contoured seat back and a good variation of exercises that are available.

Hoist Home Gyms also make a very popular home gym known as the H-100.

This one is actually very much respected in this field. It is once again a universal gym. This one can be a bit pricey at fifteen hundred dollars, but many people say it’s worth it. This gym also has only one weight stack for training. Yet this gym is very well constructed and tends to be a bit more durable then most of the other ones out there. This gym is also designed to save space in your home.

Another one of the well-known gyms as well, is the Marcy Home Gyms MWM 1800. This one features dual weight stacks, with a hundred pounds each. This is great for a husband and wife who would like to work out together, since both can do so at the same time. This particular gym also has the ability of doing around twenty different exercises and only costs around four hundred dollars. This makes this gym a really good deal and it tends to fit well in most spaces.

One of the last well-known home gyms to look at is the Powerhouse Home Gyms PH-1300.

This one is actually is a combination between the universal type of gym and a free weight home gym. This is because it is set up as a universal one with the user supplying the weight rack. This one actually costs only around three hundred and fifty dollars, yet you have to buy the weights as well. This type of home gym can hold up to five hundred pounds, is fairly cheap and pretty lightweight as well.

Having taken a thorough look at some of the well-known home gyms that are out there, you will have a better idea of what you have to choose from. Once you know fairly well what you have to choose from, you will be able to make better decisions. This can only lead to you finding the best deal for your personal fitness goals.

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